Don't want to let go!

November 2, 2009
I ran to you
when you needed me to
and now you hurt me
this pain i know you see

i helped you let go
when people made you feel low
Dreaming i helped you believe
to help you you achieve

the greatness in life
you could never find
i helped you see
while you were blind

and now you tell me
that i should leave you alone
why would i leave a heart
i once called home

i don't want to lose
the love i once had
i missing holding you
when you were sad

i misss telling you
it will all be alright
but io know you dream of her
at night

i'm no longer the girl
always on your mind
i wish i believed in love
like yours which is so kind

but i'm letting you go
i needed to know
the truth of how you feel
loving me was never real

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