A Room with No Other Side

November 1, 2009
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Breathing in the waves of the darkness; feeling the wind of confusion
Nothing beyond the walls, these walls your self conscious installs
Soul searching for a reason to escape; with colors of unimaginable texture
Dimensions perceived with false intentions
Is there something on the other side of the door, or out the window?
There is a world that you create; and a world you destroy
A world of judgment and clouds of tears
Under the sun of faith and the light revealed
Bullets spread into a lover’s head; a kid left behind
Daddy will be home soon, said the boy who took his first step
Dreams as it seems is what’s left of our sanity
The starve of millions; leads to the dream of billions
Brains wrapped to addiction, this is no fiction
This is a horror story; the real boogey man
Starting with a room, surrounded with nothing but darkness
Take a peak out the door, and prepare for what’s in store
Your about to be hurled, into the ever-changing world
Out of this door, and into the war;

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Shannon_ said...
Jan. 26, 2010 at 4:48 pm
I like this a lot man! Its very deep and im very impressed! Keep writing! I like all your poetry! You are one of the poets I consider Great!
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