November 1, 2009
Traced ribs,
hard days,
thought it was,
but it's not okay.
Throw me down,
undress my spine.
Love me now,
take the time.
Slash my skin,
unwrap my bones.
Set me free,
it's me you owe.
Thread my lips,
so I won't say a word.
This is how it is,
I'm not meant to be heard.
Pull my wings
out from my back.
Whisper in my ear
of bats.
Comb my hair
with fingers so long,
carve my waist,
it's not possibly wrong.
Paint a picture
of my face,
throw ribbons on my skin,
On eyelids tie lace.
Paint my skin,
hold me whole.
Make me warm,
make me cold.
Pour lemonade
on my cheeks.
Maybe this will make
me sweet.
Sugar cold as ice
we know,
tattoos on your hands
and torso.
Cut my skin
to make me fine.
Make me pretty,
time and time.
Mounds of hair
so thick and brown,
curls now
cover the ground.
Heels on legs that
are quite bare.
Maybe you'll get
your fair share.
Work the cheekbones,
it's what she said.
The book told me secrets,
it's what I read.

Cold night.
In the
Make me,
break me,
tear me

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