What the Sky Holds for You

November 1, 2009
By heimana BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
heimana BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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You look around
this awfully cold night
wondering what the sky holds tonight

Yesterday was cloudy
Today it is clear

You can see the cosmos sparkle
to form many different shapes
like the Big and Little Dipper
You gawk at the famous North Star in the horizon

You lay down in the grass
because the sky is intriguing tonight

Trying to count the stars
something amazing appears
out of the Mesosphere

A Meteor
flashes across the sky
You see it for just a second
but will remember it for a life time

Your eyes graze the sky one last time
and you spy the planet Mars
The crimson color planet seems to stare you down
as you ogle back

Its late now
you tread inside
wondering what the sky will hold
Tomorrow night!

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