I Need Your Love

November 1, 2009
She hides in her skin,
Faking a smile,
A laugh, a word.

Her parents don’t care,
Her teachers don’t notice.

Everyone says, “She’s a freak,
Because she cuts herself”
And they don’t even realize…

It’s their fault.

She tells herself, “If I died,
Everyone would be happier,”
So, she pops another pill,
Makes another cut, jumps.

In the hospital, she overhears the talk,
“She’s underweight, she lost too much blood,”
And no one ever even knew.

She has no where else to go, she’s lost.
Let’s try something new,

“Dear God, save me. I need your love,”


She wakes up…
Her parents are there,
Her real friends are there.
“You made it! We really love you!”

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mayzielabird said...
Nov. 17, 2009 at 8:19 pm
Thanks for looking at my work! What do you guys think? It's kinda hard to nail.
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