What I Have To Say

November 1, 2009
By Anonymous

D is for the dumb-butts that smoke and do drugs, it's not good for you
U is for all of you who,wants to be anyone but there's;
it's to reminded you to stay you.
V is for Vesa, those girls that shop, shop, and shop
all day need a realty check there's more to life.
E is for everyone, don't worry about what other people
have to say or do stay true to you.
S is for snakes there's a lot of them out there,
but I'm not talking about animals, I'm talking about people,
I call them Two-Faced.
S is for stupid mistakes you wish you could take back,
stop wishing the past is the past forget, and move on.
A is anyone who is an attention hog those who can't stand not being in stoplight
usual mess up there lives by getting pergent or getting some one pergent.

That's what Duvessa says,

How about you?

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