A Graveyard Rendezvous

November 1, 2009
Just after midnight I awake,
to the whistling sounds you make
next to my open window.
I leave my bed, crouching low.

Slipping out of my room
will not be full of doom,
as if I can keep still,
there shall be no unwanted thrill.

In an ink-colored skirt, I am already dressed,
but I look and feel a mess.
A black veil hangs over my face
as I move through the house with haste.

I escape quickly out the door.
Standing in the shadows you're
partially hidden from my view,
but the moonlight exposes you.

To the graveyard we'll go,
and find the tomb in the last row.
A candle and a shovel in hand,
the smile on my face expands.

The cold air pierces the skin,
but I hold the candle closer then
feeling its warmth and breathing it in.
You begin to dig, tap tap tap.

At the bottom there's a casket,
under the fresh dirt that masks it.
You throw your head back with a laugh,
and then you hand me your flask.

A taste of apple cider enters inside
as a toast of our accomplishment, our pride.
I clear away the dirty, dead flowers
that sat upon dusty grave of Mr. Lowers.

Climbing into the hole,
I open the cryptic casket sole.
Inside nothing lies,
only spiders and dead flies.

I hear you gasp,
my smile has faded fast,
I turn around to see
Mr. Lowers' ghost behind me!

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