Only Colors

November 1, 2009
By , Pinckney, MI
Why can't I do it?
I want to be the one
To bring tears to eyes.
Not those from fear,
But that amazment
Words can't describe.

That feeling
In the pit of your stomach.
That grows.
Feeding off your
It raises you
And then drops.
You get the high
And then reconize
It'll never be you.

Which only adds
To the resentment.
Because you want that change
In your life.
In their life.
You want to believe
It can be you.
But as the feeling passes
You cling onto that last strand
Of hope.

The sky can't look
Any darker.
But it does.
Because the stars don't
They're dull.
And you pray.
Pray with your heart,
Your love,
Your force,
Your will,
Your dream
That one day
It'll be you.

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