November 1, 2009
By Teddie-Lynn BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Teddie-Lynn BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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you can take my heart,
you've already broken it to pieces
you already threw it on the ground,
one too many times
i dont even want it anymore
you made into this person
this monster you've created
its just not me
i cry, and i scream
i hate and i lie
you make me despise every girl you look at
these words you put into my mouth about other people,
there hateful, and i am not a hateful person
are you proud? do you have feel you've suceeded?
did you get what you want? are you happy?
because i think its official, that you made me no longer human
you've taken my life, you broke it down, you ruined and broke me
i've lost myself, don't know where to turn
because you've left my side, and even though its not the first or second time
it still hurts more than ever before
i shouldn't even care
you seem to be doing a pretty good job on ignoring my existence
but im not you, no matter how hard i try i can't seem to not care
im not sure how you do it, how your words can mean to much one day
but then you take them away, just as fast as you give them to somebody else
it doesnt make any sense
i've gone over it a million times
your making my life a blur
so thank you, for coming and going when you pleased
thank you for the broken memories
you've done a good job on taking every good thing i had and breaking it like it never
meant a thing
out of everything thats happened, i've realized so much
mostly that you dont know me, not at all
but even though i thought i was the monster, after seeing the reality
i think that the only monster in this world is you
you cant possible be human
all this time i waisted blaming myself
when i should have blamed you

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