HighSchool Hatred

November 1, 2009
-Alarm Ringing, reality back into play, sit up, wipe the disgrace from my face, today's going to be my day
-Dark room cold as hell, lite by the ever draining computer screen, my peaceful domain, unholy retreat, roll out of bed and get on my feet
-Scratch my head, reach for my remote, the oh mind consuming television turn on, and as i watch religion dies as infidel cry, and Nazi's continue to true as common sense watches us and sighs
-I pet my lovable dog I pack my gear, listening to mom scream across our home of broken memory's of my lack of recent yard work, better believe i left that place I wore my ever lasting smirk
-Today's going to be my day
-Were I'm not a shadow filling a bus seat, a ghost in the halls, eating in the bathroom, crying in the stalls
-You all fail in your own special way, you've all guided your lives to wasteful soulless ambitions, and the time to correct that has come, school today is under my conditions
-Now when this day ends don't feel sorry for me, and tell yourself every one's human, and to that I disagree
-Time is mine to turn and twist, reverse this curse, renew the marks upon my wrist
-Today I'm the master of yellow tape, and what is on my mind I get to say, today you will all be judged, today is my day

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