from mopths to butterflies

October 31, 2009
these people
surrounding me
are shallow
and devoid of deeper meaning
just a crowd of babel
and senseless words
and i
i am a bottomless pit
always searching
never finding
always a moth
never a butterfly
these people
surrounding me
are incests
crawling along in the dirt
moving only by instinct
no thoughts of their own
and i
i am no better
but at least i have a mind
these people
surrounding me
care not
of my existence
care not of my hopes
my thoughts
my words
and i
i am left alone
left in the thick darkness
without a light to find my way
these people
surrounding me
face melting into another
nothing unordinary
nothing extraordinary
but i
i met you
and you are just like me
just another sol
searching for light
in this dimming and darkening world
and together
we grow wings
from among the moths
we turn to butterflies
and together
we fly
far far

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