She loves me

October 31, 2009
By scottie BRONZE, Kirkwood, Pennsylvania
scottie BRONZE, Kirkwood, Pennsylvania
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Her heart is with him in this cold dark cell.
The months keep adding up but still she waits.
His blindness is slowly fading and the light is shining bright.
The one who loves him for him, the felon whos headed to a state prison but that don't faze her, she writes to him with power.
The words bounce on his mind, he wants to give his heart but don't want to let her down.
He wants to be made one because to him they are one, he may not speck these words.
He just wants to get right, so she don't get hurt if e gets locked away.
But he does love her and might not show but it is there.
So as your heart is here with me, know my hert is there with you.

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