Argue on my shoulders

October 30, 2009
By Travis121490 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
Travis121490 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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I am sorry
I look at you and realize
"She has the world ahead of her,
She should not need me."
And then I also realize
"She does NOT need me
For I am broken and she is strong
And should I go away
Sure it'd be a heartbreak
But the pain would


And after this come many thoughts
Like what is next? and why I'm here
Breaking through the walls I've set
Like a taunting teasing little rat
Barrage me in this twisted game
Of hide and seek
And mouse and cat

One says this, the other that
Devil... angel on my shoulder
Tell me who

Will win me over

I am broken I am frayed
Loosened at the ends

Somewhere deep with in my heart
Comes a gentle subtle whisper
"look up my boy and cast your eyes
The love of your life, the reason your alive
Tell me now can't you see
All the love she'll ever have

Silence now
There is no sound
Yet my thoughts still seem to pound and pound

"Don't you ever think things through
Pursue this love with all you have
Become the cat and it the mouse
It will not be her to betray your house
Yet the love held deep inside of you"

Dare I say to hell with both?
Do as I want and have what I need?
In her eyes... she is my LIFE!
Then another comes to me
"Pardon me but I must say
To hell with both
You made me.
The offspring of your divided mind
They've come together
Peace at last"

And almost at an instant pass
They come to me and say me this
" Aye but you are just a lad
A man, a human, nothing more
No more perfect than the one next door
She loves you for you and all your mistakes
Who's to say she needs you not"

One last thought has come to mind
"I love her so and she is mine
This poem I've written will confuse
Yet she will read it she will know
That deep within these twisted words
It says I love you, I'm not letting go!

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on Dec. 9 2009 at 5:35 pm
...irie... BRONZE, Which I Left In The Mnts, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"Some look at things that are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?" -George Bernard Shaw

Wow you are really a great writer! I love the rhythm in this piece! The story is amazing haha. I always here those stupid voices (angel and demon ha!) in my head. Both are quite annoying. Anyway..good work!

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