Smiling Through the Pain

October 30, 2009
By , Chicago, IL
Appear to be strong and proud
As I hold my head up high.
But inside is nothing but weakness and pain
That just won’t go away.
Hurting and wishing you were here,
You were mine.
I try to forget and let go of the past,
Yet everything reminds me of you.
The way you smile
Those warm brown eyes,
And that love that I have for you.
I try to forget
But once again here I am finding myself thinking of you
A salty liquid substance runs down my cheek as my heart cries out.
And now as I rub my belly of where your daughter lies
It does nothing but remind me more of you.
And here I am with nothing but pain that I hide inside
Holding my head up high
Appearing to be strong and proud,
Whenever I am around you

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