Tell Me

October 30, 2009
Tell me that I’m bragging
When I am ahead
As you do the splits
Something snaps inside my head

Tell me I’m mean
When I am stating the obvious
Still you say things
Oblivious to my feelings

Tell me that your hate
Is reserved for me
A feeling I can’t return
It festers destructively

Tell me that the kindness of my heart
Is a stupid song
While if I disagree
You tell that I’m wrong

Tell me that I’m not good enough
At anything I do
If I suggest another way
It’s ‘whatever,’ toodle-doo

Tell me to act
When you can’t pretend
Once upon a time
You were my best friend

I’ll tell you that I am sorry
And that I’ve tried my best
And that you’ve meant a lot to me
It’s your turn now
My friend, the sun has set

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