The Darkest Dream...

October 30, 2009
I was in a room of darkness,
all alone.
It scared me, pulling me in...
I couldn't breathe.
I started to run.
I ran faster and faster,
I felt a presents...
Something dark,
Something unknown,
Something bad was after me.
I saw a light...
I ran faster then ever before, towards it.
Finally, I got to it.
Under this bright, scaring, light,
there was a razor blade and a note...
This note said::--remember who you are,
no one will ever care,
it only takes seconds for life to be over,
but a lifetime for the pain to go away.--
At that moment,
I knew what I was destine to do
I forgot all about the dark unknown behind me
I forgot about my family
I forgot about my life
I forgot about everything...
All I could remember was the note
the words
the pain
the scars.
it was time...
I knew.
I took the blade,
and slowly cut a heart on my wrists...
then two lines right across my blue veins.
Only minutes left, I knew.
So much blood spilled on the floor...
I fell.
Soon on my knees,
I started writing something with my dark blood.
(I love...)
I never got to finish...
The darkness soon closed around me.

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