far love

October 30, 2009
when you said you moved i cryed myslf to asleep
you are my best friend my love
who is going to hold me when i am sad
who going to tell me its ok when i dont feel like living
you are the love of my lif
i wont be able to see you in 2 years
and i dont think im going to make it
i dont want you to forget about me
i want you to be in my life
you are my love
you are my friend
you are the person who crys with me
you laugh with me
you fall down with me
you complet me
what am i going to do with out you
i cant live with out you
you are in alexander NE and im, in omaha i know thats not far but to me its alway across the world
cody plaese dont forget about me
i love you

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