To Fear

October 30, 2009
By Green.Eyed.Girl BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
Green.Eyed.Girl BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"People are only what they make themselves to be. Words only mean what you wish to interpret them as. And the past, is only what you wish to remember"-Toni Reiter

We are all scared
Of disappointment, of pain, of the tears that will fall,
Of regret, of the reasons to say I'm sorry

We are all scared
Of love, laughter, happily ever after
Of truly being happy
Of putting ourselves out there
Of falling into someone's arms
Falling into someone's bed
Falling into someone's heart

We are all scared
Of saying goodbye, of forever
Of dreaming of what is not reality
Of saying hello, of a stranger

We are all scared
Of hoping, of hating, of living
Of what we aren't, of whom we are
Of whom we hate and of whom we love

We are all scared
Of thoughts, of words
Of our own mentality
Of the ability to be crazy, of being normal

We are all scared
Of the future, of what is to come
Of what won’t come, of what is gone
Of what has passed, of history

We are all scared
Of responsibilities, of change
Of age

We are all scared
Of our neighbor
Of each other

We are all scared
Of ourself

We are all scared
To fear.

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