October 30, 2009
By Travis121490 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
Travis121490 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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I can hear someone screaming
They're yelling at someone else
I can't understand what they're saying
I'm too confused
Things happened too fast
Last thing I knew you were watching tv
And now there's an ambulance in the driveway
Police are in my house
And everyone is crying
I can't figure it out
Why do I feel so alone now
It's like some connection has been broken
I feel someone touch my hand
But I don't see anyone
I know what's happened now
The person screaming is me
I'm screaming at you
Don't leave me here alone
Make these people go away
Tell me everything's okay
Don't go, please don't go
I need you
Some guy I don't know
He's standing next to you
But he's watching me
Why the hell is he watching me
What am I doing wrong
He needs to go away
I just.....
This isn't real
There's no way
I block it out
But I can't stop screaming
I just need you to wake up
But you won't
And I'll be alone
Don't leave me alone
I don't want to be alone
Dad please
I don't want to be alone....

The author's comments:
It's another one about my dad.

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