The Little Girl in the Room

October 30, 2009
The little girl in the room
Sits in silence
Waits for the nightmare
She cradles in the corner
Waits for hope
She looks up and sees the white ceiling
She wants to see day
She wants to get out
The screams are heard
The bottle’s thrown
She closes her eyes
Waits for silence
She doesn’t care how it comes
She just smiles
To see nothing but darkness
Another fist swung
The teen comes running in
She shuts the door
Telling her sister
‘I’ll protect you’
She raises her head
But it’s too late
The mother stumbles in
Pushes her teen down
Walks over to the young girl
Her eyes glance up
No tears
No weakness
She feels the bottle smash her face
And she drifts to sleep
The little girl in the room
Finds peace for the night
In her dreams

Please help stop domestic violence, show the children and family you care

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Blac_Dawn11 said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 7:57 am
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