i will take all the blame..just for you

October 30, 2009
By b.rai DIAMOND, College Station, Texas
b.rai DIAMOND, College Station, Texas
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here i am
living alone
in this little world
i don't need you
i don't need him
i don't need the lies,
those sly,fake words
i felt a little used
like that's stopped anyone before
i will take all the blame
just because i know you won't
i was taken advantage of
because i am
a nieve little girl
i couldn't say it,
i couldn't let it come from my mouth
i just couldn't say to you,no
i wanted you to like me
i wanted you to see me,
in that way,
in that light
you are just one of 'those' guys
you know it
you don't care
but it doesn't matter now,
yes,i admit my mistake
the one where i trusted you
but you won't see it
you will feel no blame
you led me to believe
it was
different than it really was
i was dumb enough
to think you were being real
i was dumb enough to believe
you wanted of me more than just that one something
i actually thought
you may have taken that chance
to be with me

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