The Long Rode To Happiness.

October 29, 2009
By Sunshine:D SILVER, Kenton, Ohio
Sunshine:D SILVER, Kenton, Ohio
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The long rode to happiness is an impossiable series of twist and turns.
Just when we think that we might have it figured out it turns backward to get forward.
We question if there really is something at the end.
But like a child, we have to believe there is.
And even if theres not,
Why not take the journey just in case.
For a chance at happiness, it's worth it.
Traveling on the rode to happiness is starnge.
Sometimes it will be easy as walking down hill on a bright sunday morning.
And sometimes there will be a mountian in our path.
We ponder, then, the truth, hopeing we'll someday reach the end of
The long rode to happiness.
Along the way the memories build, the friendships bloosm
and we find youselves nearing the end of our journey.
We strole along and come alittle sign.
It states in all it's magist:
"The long rode to happiness never ends. You have been there all along.
Look around and see what you have. Now, continue your journey,
no longer searching, but living. Because you decide where this rode takes you next."

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