A Lifetime

October 29, 2009
By xXMiamiXx BRONZE, Terrace Park, Ohio
xXMiamiXx BRONZE, Terrace Park, Ohio
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A kiss upon the cheek
with candy coated lies
meant to save the hurt and pain
just bittersweet lullabies

toy soldiers and a gun
loaded yet unfired
standing at the ready
for brutal hidden fire

empty mint containers
full of memories
a pebble here, a paper there
teardrops falling to the leaves

a cheap loud plastic fan
it served its duty well
inscribed with names and thoughts unsaid
stories it retells

a single leaf caught in the breeze
upon a waving branch
holding tight for all its got
twisting in its endless dance

two seperate hands entwined
creating one from two
from i to you, from you to me
we'll create a world anew

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