Unknown 2

October 29, 2009
By , norman, OK
There he is
as beautiful as can be.

Walking, gracefully along
the side walk,
coming my way.

As he says "hello" to me
I melt in my black compact boots.

He says"do you really want to be......"
a short pause and a confused look on his face.
He looks around and walks me to
a dark alley
"........a vampire?"

My heart sinks deep down in my body
I've wanted to be a creature of the night
for as long as i can remember.

"Yes" I whisper softly then it hit me
Why me?
Yes, my dream might be coming true
but of all the people in the world to ask
the hottest goth asking me
if i wanted to be a vampire?
This can't be right

before I can get the words out

A sharp pain reaches deep in my neck
everything goes dark and cold

I woke in a cemetery
Hot Goth is waiting for me

"Are you ready?"
he ask with a simile on his face
showing his............

i ask wondering how I got here
and it my wish has come true
He steps towards me and whispers in my ear

"Your first taste of blood as a vampire!"
he takes a step back
then reaches out his hand

My dream,my wish
has it come true
it makes senses it has to
he has fangs
and when.....
when , he bit me
it felt......
felt as it I
I take it and
off we go two bats side by side
And I only have one thing in mind............
........ BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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