October 29, 2009
By Anonymous

Burning. Hurting.
So much pain.
Whats happening to me?
Hair thicken, teeth piercing my tough, nails sharping.
What's going on?
I can hear horns honk,
but I'm in the middle of the forest.
I smell rain,
but don't see any.
Until NOW this very second.
I can taste blood,
but my mouths not bleeding.
I have a craving for meat,
but I'm a vegetarian.
My nails are so sharp that when i close my hand
it starts too bleed,
but as soon as it does it's gone.
The pain is dying down.
Most of my body is covered in dark brown hair.
My eyes are a eerie yellow color.
My ears point upwards like an elf.
I stand on my back two paws

raising my two fronts up a couple inches
and howl like the way they do in the movies.
The pain is gone,
but hunger replaces it.
I drop down on all fours and run towards
a craving.
My craving.

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