October 29, 2009
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Rain falls,
adding gloom to my life.

Must the clouds cry?
Yes, for they are sad to cover the Sun.

Rain has a freedom
I am deprived of.

It sees you more than I,
the one you love,
the one who loves you.

Those blesséd drops
of melted ice
have the pleasure
to carress your sweet lips,
to drench you in a freezing warmth.

O the lucky rain
shall be my envy,
until you are
utterly, completely mine.

Those tears of the sky,
Those drops of the ice,
may melt unto you,
but I may not.

How unfair,
such meaningless patter
may see you,
may touch you,
may kiss you,
may taste you,
may be with you.

Why can't I,
Rain, O blesséd rain,
who may see my love whilst I cannot.

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