The Thesbis Crow

October 29, 2009
By IanME GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
IanME GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Rising, falling; jolting in fluctuating flight;
batting azure wings against a gray-blue sky
draped over the autumn spectrum of forest.

Starry-eyed me, in a balcony of the Great Theatre
watching your epic through the proscenium arch
in a set adorned with golden trees and infinite sky.

The plot unfolds and you, oh adumbral protagonist,
carry on upon fluttering wings, stage right to stage left
with larger-than-life power and unmatched wit,

a noble soaring Odysseus, dream provoking to man.
Before my eyes, your ever-unfolding odyssey glides,
while I, in quiet awe, muse; myself upon azure your wings

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