lost hearts of Atlantis

October 29, 2009
By orion SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
orion SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
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once over gray-green marine ocean deeps
tall spires watched over a city asleep
and at sunrise the brilliant rays would strike down
and light up the city in soft golden gown

and the voices of angels would sing from each hall
listening to billows of sea rise and fall
and each thing there was beautiful, hardy, and wise
but outside the city the ocean did rise

till one day the sea reclaimed all its own
and swallowed up grand Atlantis’ throne
and all of her people lay lifeless and gray
and no more a beautiful word would they say

except for one child who cried but lived on
for many years no one knew where she had gone
till she one day was glimpsed down by sandy shore
singing out for Atlantis, a haven no more:

"and as your heart echoes out over the sea,
i’ll dance and keep dancing to your melody
and i’ll breathe and keep breathing, though you have gone on
and i’ll sleep and keep sleeping, head filled with your song

and i’ll sing every note out to endless sea-beat
and my heart will go sailing to your ancient fleet
and i’ll cry in your silence, as silenced your cry
and i’ll watch for your city where ocean meets sky…"

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