Light and Darkness

October 29, 2009
The Light shines so brightly, it makes you think everything will be alright.
The devil watches silently as God takes over your life, filling life with peace and prosperity.
Our light stays on for awhile, but then suddenly its dark.
You and I ask, "Where did the light go?"
We see a glowing figure walking toward us.
Suddenly the everything around us is cold and frightening.
He says, "You belong to me, you need me and only me, they don't love you."
We want the light, we need the light.
I don't want this!
If life is meant to be darkness ,then that explains all the chaos in families right?
Everyone says you can't do anything, you can't succeed, you aren't good for anything.
The wall never goes down, only grows and grows until everything is covered and there is no light whats so ever.
We have accepted the Devil, but a tiny bit of hope still exists.
How long with the light be gone?
How long will we survive the darkness?

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