Every Fight.

October 29, 2009
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My heart, has offically been broken; shattered; if you may.
he held my heart
he let it fall
It landed amongest the rocks, the solid pavement.
the sound is deafening.
loud enough to make my knees week;
& make me fall down.
scared to get up, bec im scared it'll happen again.
i thought i was strong; until i was put up againist the challenge.
i thought our relationship was perfect, until i was shown otherwise.
i thought i had no fault in my life, before this night.
the horrific depth of my tears could flood this earth.
my heart is pounding.
my voice is cracking.
the tears are falling.
falling againist my precious face.
the face you once held when you kissed.
when i'm away from you, my breath is gone.
but when we're together, all my fear seems to have suddenly vanished.
when you kiss me, i forget how to breathe. the feelings you give me are, undescibable.
every couple fights, i realize,
but, why can't we be different?
bec these fights are getting the best of me

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logii<3 said...
Dec. 31, 2009 at 4:39 pm
i would love it, if you guys left comments to help me improve my work, i dream to be in the magazine, thank you!
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