The American Soldier

October 29, 2009
By FightingNyx BRONZE, Dearborn, Michigan
FightingNyx BRONZE, Dearborn, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Every word written is a victory against death.

We missed you last Christmas
We wrote your name, outside in the snow
We built you a snowman, and gave him your name
I hoped you could see it, wherever you’ve gone

Mom says that one day, we’ll see you again
But sometimes I’m afraid, her words are lies
It’s hard to remember, the day that you left
But what scares me most, is forgetting your smile

I missed you in the fall too, daddy
You weren’t there to rake up, the fallen leaves
Mom said you always helped, but now it’s my job
I always pretend, that you’re at my side

I think of you every day
Mom says she does too, but she always seems busy
But not me, I’m never too busy for you
And I want you to know, I never will be

You’re out there somewhere, daddy
And every night, I look at the stars
And think that somewhere out there
Maybe you are looking at them too

I hope you’ll forgive me, for mistakes I have made
For fighting with mom, and with my sister
For saying some things, I never meant
For lying or cheating, I’ve learned what is wrong

Yesterday I got home from school
Mommy was crying, and I didn’t know why
I tried to help her, but I couldn’t stop her tears
She needed you daddy, but you weren’t there

Today I went to your funeral
They did something special, just for you
They set our flag, on your casket
Before they buried you, deep in the ground

I think the men there cared about you, daddy
They said you fought with them, they said you were brave
I wish I could have been there, daddy
So I could have been strong, just like you

Whenever someone asks me, “what happened to your dad?”
I always tell them, what I know is the truth
“My daddy’s a soldier!”
He died for you and me

Sometimes I miss you, daddy
But every day I remember to pray
And I follow the footsteps, you left for me
One day I know, I’ll be just like you

And now as winter, brings back my memories
I stand on the front porch, watching the snow
Light up the world, in a blanket of white
Remembering, that my dad… is a soldier

I say goodbye, to my beautiful wife
Goodbye to my children, goodbye to this life
I’ll fight for the free… I’ll fight for the lost
I’ll fight like a true, American soldier

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