October 29, 2009
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My heart is full of stormy clouds
My head is full of thunder
The feud inside is likely to kill
The tearing of crucial vassals
The screams of pain
The cloud that consumes
A person no more
A pulse slows
Spattered, splattered
Stories twisted
Hearts broken
Pain thickened
All gone
The day is over
The damage done
The starry skies
The worry in your eyes
For the new clouds to roll in
For the pain to take over
Once again
For all to be torn apart
Piece by piece
Say goodbye to your heart
Say goodbye to the sun
To the only one that keeps you alive
Forever alone
Never to rest
Never to be happy
The rain pours
The thunder rolls
The lightning strikes
Blood stains fill the air
Blackness covers your body
Death seeps from every crevasse
Sadness fills your lungs
Tears fill your throat
Pain fills your heart
A satin string stuck in your back
A hoop pulled
A mouth moves
Words unknown
A doll made of you
A doll yes its true
One to take over your life
Seal your soul
Eat it up
Sew buttons in your eyes
You are a prize
At a carnival to be won
By some unfortunate soul
To be thrown around
Pushed to the ground
To be stabbed in the back
Worn down, tired
Ready for the everlasting day
To become everlasting night
To get some peace of mind
Wake up cleansed and free
To just be me

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