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October 29, 2009
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High school in a teenager’s eye
Starting off the days
Walking through the door sleeping
Wishing you were in the heavenly cloud you call your bed
Drinking coffee like its water
In hopes that you will wake up your droopy mind

The periods move like snails
Every moment you wish it was the next
Teachers talk like there’s no tomorrow
Students sleep like there’s no tonight
Homework piles up like dirt on a construction site
Sitting there dreaming

Fun rolls around once or twice
The occasional substitute
A chat with a friend

Stress is fun’s neighbor
He roles over you like a steam roller
Squishing you
He visits constantly
Asking for something
Even if you say no
He will return shortly

8th period comes around
Anxiety is building
Wanting the bell to scream for the last time
When it does you have the feeling of freedom
But the realization that you will be back tomorrow

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