Maybe More...?

October 28, 2009
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We met at lunch.

Me and my shy ways;
You just looking to make this girl say
A few words.

I was writing,
Pen to paper.
You were looking,
"Deep thoughts," You'd say.

I'm a writer,
You can tell.
When I write a book,
It'll sell.

You made me laugh,
Made me smile,
Made me forget my worries,
At least for a while.

We compared classes,
Found a few in common.

"Where's your locker?"

"Where's yours?"

Right next to mine, apparently.

"Any siblings here?"

"One. You?"

Our brothers are good friends.

We had a lot in common,
So we decided to hang out.

Eventually, we had our own little clique.

You bought friends,
And so did I.

Lots of people now,
But you and I?
The closest yet.

Best friends.

We talked constantly,
Hung-out everywhere;
We were insererable.

When you liked a girl,
I had to aprove

And when I liked a boy,
You had to too.

People thought we were dating,
They teased,
Family was the worst,
But we ignored;
Just friends, you and I.


In my room,
Just hanging-out.
You put down my unfinished book;
Something we need to talk about.

You're in love,
But you're moving.
A month.
What to do?

Time to think is what I need.
You say okay.
"See you tomorrow."

You take my book,
Say you'll proofread and edit, like you always do,
I'll have it back in a day.


An awkward silence,
Not sure what to do,
Nothing we've ever encountered.

A kiss good-bye,
For the first time,
It seems taboo.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Today we're friends,
But tomorrow?
Maybe more.

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