A Series of Unfortunate Kisses

October 28, 2009
since the Bad Beginning
i've felt like i was living in a Reptile Room
my only hope was wishing on stars that shone through the Wide Window
i toil in the Miserable Mill
while you're off studying at the not-so-Austere Academy
i'm stuck here riding this endless Ersatz Elevator
counting the minutes until i can finally leave this Vile Village
you've come out on top yet again meanwhile i'm stuck in this Hostile Hospital
fancying a trip to the Carnivorous Carnival
but instead i am forced to climb up this Slippery SLope of a relationship
somehow i always seem to manage to slide all the way down into the Grim Grotto
hoping each time that this will be my Penultimate Peril with you
so i can finally reach THE END of this relationship

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