The Pheonix

October 28, 2009
By Totz23 BRONZE, Macomb, Michigan
Totz23 BRONZE, Macomb, Michigan
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We walk into
The somber brush
Searching for
A sign – but hush!

A dying tree
Falls to the ground.
Does it make
A single sound?

The trees are thin.
The birds are few.
The path ahead
Is veiled with dew.

So as we wander
We hope to hear
The slightest hint
Of white-tailed deer.

We feel alone
Nowhere to turn.
Which way is out?
The questions burn.

And with that spark
Leads to a flame.
Jumping – playing
Its own game.

The flame ascends
Into the night.
Engulfing all which
Block its flight.

And all is lost,
Which had been none.
Tis not indifference;
Our faith is done.

But wait! Right here!
Our hope renewed.
A sprouting bud
Lights up the mood.

From the ash
Let phoenix rise;
Reborn once more
To fate’s surprise.

The author's comments:
This poem deals with doubt and fear to take on challenges by yourself. When you face obstacles alone in your life, you feel as if you are meandering carelessly throughout an empty forest - no one else around who wants to share your troubles. This loneliness can destroy you - your self-esteem burns away when it overtakes you. But it will not last forever. There will always be someone to help you through your troubles and you will be reborn like the mythical pheonix - rising from the ashes after death.

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