The Sea

October 28, 2009
By KRuff7 BRONZE, Eaton, Colorado
KRuff7 BRONZE, Eaton, Colorado
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The echoes heard throughout the land
Came from her frail voice
Her heart strewn in a thousand pieces
Summoned by one word: NO
Rhythmic, whispered, spoken and screamed
The sorrowful song of a mother’s plea
Ringing out over the sea

A void filled with faces
Of who he was back then
The graduation he’ll never go to
The prom date he’ll never be
All because he fell victim
And was taken by the sea

The lasso thrown around him
Pulled taut by the water
Squeezing, crushing, ringing out the boy he used to be
Now that boy is no more, just a figure forever tied to the sea

What lay beneath the waves
That made him walk the plank
Could it be curiosity?
The knot is pulling tighter
But the feet do not resist
The last steps of a once joyful life
Childlike and full of spontaneity
Are lost now and forever in the dreary sea

The waves they bruised and battered to his very core
Hostage to his own life
And to the sea that took control
The sea that would not loosen its pull

He is apart of the sea now
The life he once lived is gone
Now races and colors, birth rights and streets
Rule his decisions, his conscience, his life
He will never again be free
From here on out he is forever chained to the sea

Mind over body ceases to exist
It is no longer his and ours
But rather ours or his
Drenched in red upon the floor
Another child, a victim taken by the sea
Fell into the gang life, into the you or me

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by a class project and a first hand experience as i watched my aunt loose my cousin to a gang.

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