Other People and Us

October 28, 2009
People say "Hate" is a strong word.
But we still use it.
"Love" is a strong word too.
But we dont admit it.
We throw it around like it's nothing
I am sadly one of them.
People judge me.
They all criticize,
But no one understands.
I look for love,
Then bathe in it.
I look for hate,
And cry for it.
People judge me for having feelings.
People laugh at me because I care.
If they were me, they might understand.
But probably not.
They'd be scared.
They'd try to get out as fast as they could
Without taking the long way around.
They'd want it easy.
They'd want it fast.
I dont.
Thats the difference.
I want to live.
Even though I hurt people now.
Even thought I make people worry,
I want to stay.
I want to live.
I want to be happy.
So I'm taking the hard way.
I'll make it for you.
If I go, you swore to me that you'd go too.
I dont want that.
I dont want to be the one that killed you in the end.
I dont want to be blamed.
I dont want to hurt.
I dont want to burden.
I just want to help.


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