what if

October 28, 2009
By Anonymous

So what if i cry every night?
What if I miss you?
what if i turn in pain when youre in my sight?

What if i have an empty feeling?
What if it feels like my world has been torn apart?
What if I gave you everything including my heart?

What if youre on my mind 24/7?
what if i wish you made a diffrent decesion?
What if i thought god sent you from heaven?

What if im crying right now while im writing this?
what if i cant stop myself from crying?
what if when i was with you, it felt like i was flying?

what if all of this is the truth?
what if all of this is real?
what if all of this is how i really feel?

what if i miss the touch of your skin?
what if i miss that warm feeling i got when i saw you?
whar if i was falling for you and didnt have a clue?

what if i miss your open arms?
what if i miss your invinting smile?
what if i thought we would last for a while?

The author's comments:
this piece was very difficult and easy to write b/c it came from my heart

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