I Love You Xavier

October 28, 2009
By CraziBunny GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
CraziBunny GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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if you smile and walk away when someone is mean, you have more courage, than the one who will fight and curse at them

Whats it like to lose the will
the hole in my heart no one can fill
I miss you and your smile
i wish you were with me for awhile

i miss you calling me a such a girl
or how you made me want to twirl
i miss those days when we'd laugh
i just so badly neeed you back

i depend on you to brighten my day
to hold me close and make the pain go away
i just wish i had more time to say
gosh i love you in so manyy ways

i know i never really showed you the pain inside my heart
i never thought that we'd ever part
i lost my best friend
and how will i ever breathe again

theres so many ways to say it now
i just wish i then knew how
i could've yell i love you so
and then maybe you'd know

i love you and i couldn't say
i just wish you were here today
my smile is fading just slowly now
i want to see you but i don't know how

The author's comments:
I just lost my best guy friend Xavier and i feel horrible becasue i never took the time to say i loved him while he was still with me
BTW he is only at a different school but he owns one part of my heart but now since he left there's been a hole

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