October 28, 2009
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Random, klutzy, clamorous, keen
Sibling of Seth, Alexis, Destiny and Braxton
Lover of all animals, anything blue, and cold winter mornings
Who feels bubbly when I get a high five, always excited to do anything even when most people would find it boring, and discombobulated by my own words which never come out right
Who needs to feel needed, have an hour by myself, and a cat at the foot of my bed
Who gives special attention to cleaning when I actually do it, the best acupressure treatments, and lots of laughter to those who need it
Who fears locusts with the sounds they make, due dates that are to close for comfort, and alarm clocks beeping and scaring me awake
Who would like to see rain on the beach, snow on the Eiffel Tower, and a rainforest unharmed by human presence
Resident of Westminster, Colorado

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