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October 28, 2009
By malaki1681 SILVER, Cool Towne, Colorado
malaki1681 SILVER, Cool Towne, Colorado
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Beauty is the silent wildness of the forest
It’s the sound of crickets at night and the sight of fireflies dancing
It’s a stormy inky black night and the sudden rush of lightening through the sky
It’s the calm before the storm and the crash of thunder so loud it shakes you

Beauty is the majesty and grace of a tigers pounce
It’s a flurry of snow as it is disturbed and light so bright it blinds you
It’s the feeling of accomplishment and people to modest to admit their success
It’s the time spent with family and the laughter shared with friends

Beauty is watching people argue playfully over something neither of them cared about in the first place
It’s watching adults let their inner child out and being able to look back at the past and laugh
It’s the simple wag of a dog’s tail and the friendship it shows
It’s the knowledge your friends trust you and that you can trust your friends

Beauty is many things
Though sometimes people can’t see it
But if you look hard enough
You well find beauty in everything

The author's comments:
It was a school assignment

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