maybe a monster

October 28, 2009
By bleedinmascara BRONZE, Attleboro, Massachusetts
bleedinmascara BRONZE, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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The trees enclose me into the solitary confusion I call the “woods”,
Dirt sticks to my shoes,
Little creatures judge me with their piercing eyes and run away,
Birds fly away in fright of me walking through,
Wind swallows me whole and captures my warmth,
I’m alone,
Only my thoughts and reminiscences to keep me feeling human,
Leaves brush away as I walk through,
Leaving my path clear for anyone to follow,
But no one follows,
No noise is to be heard,
No voices to interlace with mine,
Grass strikes the naked parts of my body,
Once again creatures dash and conceal,
The unvoiced echo enfolds my hearing,
What is to be feared?
I’m alone,
But why do sense everyone is still watching?

The author's comments:
there is always a place you can go in sloitude and be yourself even if you think everyone is watching.

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