When It Comes

October 28, 2009
By Beauty BRONZE, Bumpass, Virginia
Beauty BRONZE, Bumpass, Virginia
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When the darkness came and the
moon hid behind the clouds,
When fear was struck into
The innocent hearts of all.
When omens and auspises sent by Termius
Came to life in their world,
When the Lamia wet and traveled the globe,
Searching for young children to devour.
When the spirits haunted houses, sources
Of terrible crimes, to find the hidden truth
When the Mormo, a woman with donkey
Legs, terrorized all she met.
When howls were heard from the werepeople
As they called out to the night
When sailors prayed to the god Neptune,
To save them from the beast lurking beneath.
When witches and vampires sought out
Rotting corpses, to rob, mutilate and feast,
When many turned to charms and amulets
With hope to protect themselves
When not never Jupiter ,the almighty
Thunder god, couldn’t save his people.
When every minute of every day
His people were frightened and haunted.
When the things that scared us all
Never seemed to sleep
When all anyone could do was pray
To the gods, for safe keeping and luck.
When it was the time of Romans,
And their insane superstitions.

The author's comments:
I wrote this back in 10th grade (and I am a senior now) and I found it when cleaning out my flash drive. It showed me the passion I had, and still have, for writing and being creative. I hope you enjoy.

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