In the Mirror

October 28, 2009
I look in the mirror
I see blood shot eyes
I see a hopeful glint behind the blood shot eyes
Another day of school
Another day of bickering family
Another day of smiles
I look in the mirror
Halt, the mirror’s divided
I can’t see that same pain
I see, on one side, my hopes and dreams
To wear a cap and gown, to shake someone’s hand, to move forward
To move backward…
On that other side, I see what could be a nightmare
No money for anything
I sit at home
Living under a sad reminder
I look in the mirror
One person stands alone
Everyone else in gone
You see me don’t you?
I’m behind you
I’m near you
I’m in the mirror
I am the mirror
I see the glare
The tears
The hope you have
Could soon be gone
Unlike me
I hope you do stay
It’s a race to popularity and fortune
And I could leave you behind
It’s not my reflection talking
It’s me
Outside the mirror


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