Societal Review

October 28, 2009
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Societal Review
Say no to the minority
Lash out to the authority
Break down their restraints and let them see
The freed individual you aspire to be

You are under the cover of their rules and laws
But a light shown through and let your rise above they
You rebel in a way they cannot contain
And their walls of torture begin to crumble away
You wear outlandish colors and zebra stripes
Which leads them to view you as the negative type

The radio plays music that is lively and bold
Then the station is dropped and veins run cold
They shelter you and try to break your denial
The lies then leave you gloomy and suicidal

Why are we scared to break the break the norm
It’s almost fear that world would crash and burn
Dress your emotions, dress your voices
Wake up each day and empower your choices

The restraint of our society is freedom denying
And it leaves depressed, emotional and crying
Some cut, some scream, some break things
Because of the pressure they place when you turn thirteen
They say it is best for you
However, you know that is a lie
They want to break your originality
They want to kill you inside

They clame they were obedient unlike us
They era is knowing for driving to wood stock in a VW bus
For parties and drugs which led to us
We have concerts and hummers
Our Woodstock and VW bus

They snarl at the kids who live as if they are free
It is only because they’ll never be
They will always be cruel and enraged
Because they can no longer be free they’re past the age

The age of choice, the age of your future
Some choose the corner office staring at a computer
Others choose a blank canvas and fresh new paint
And they mind shows there thought with no restraint

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