early phantom

October 27, 2009
By antonius13 BRONZE, Enterprise, Alabama
antonius13 BRONZE, Enterprise, Alabama
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What's in a name? That which we call a rose
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treebirth of the aliens and me
and when lost at sea not everything goes acoordingly
and a wicked scar goes far to prove your time
and when the world you know goes falling under
and the life you had never was
and your head explodes from the panic
and your feeling rather manic
and you fake a fever that becomes pretty real
and you think your dying cause you just cant feel
and its a heaven under sea with ten thousand more just like me
and it became a prison of routine and i fell
disgraced by the deep and banished to hell
i came to ground out of wonder to the pleasure and pain i could bring
and it just might sting so ill ring that thing and take you down with me
we could fall in love and kiss and touch but thats not really your play
but i would sell my soul again and again to know you in that passionate way
and mirrors are a shameful waste of a game id tather just hide from myself
and the weather isnt good for your health and you have all the wealth
to end a powerful man
yesterday i was up and tommorow ill be down
id hate to start asking around
and to the one i used to keep locked up in my old heartbeat
you were wrong for that

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