October 27, 2009
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was born in 1993
i could barely see
all the evil drowning me
i was talking long before i was walking
i came alive and died from too much sun
it was all the wild eyes and fun
and the color has no decay
and i still love you the same way
i feel like a worm with no direction
bleeding and starving for your affection
it was all the wild eyes and fun
and dying from too much sun
walk back in time like a dream
lay asleep in your head
burn you down and scream
just forget what i said
can i make you feel good?
can you tell me if i should?
can i change your mood?
can i share my food?
can i bathe in your river?
should i lay in your sand?
cause you cause me to shiver
can i just be your man?
should i wait anymore?
should i take you to shore?
i hate that your afraid
but i could only be your shade
and save you from the fade
i think to much about you
just waitin for the blue to sink through
just waitin for the sun to arrive
just hatin how you ought to
just come alive
its cool that we just waste time
can you just be mine?
i mean we have forever, inamorata

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