Time is Beautiful

October 27, 2009
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Time is beautiful
In a very complicated way
You can’t see it
Or feel it in your hands
But you know it’s there
Time’s the healer for rough situations
It takes the past and erases what’s left
Sometimes you wish time would freeze
Right at this moment
But that takes the loveliness out
Of just letting things be
And learning how to go on
Without a rest
From the light tick, tock in the back of your mind
Time teaches you so many things
That would leave text books speechless
You gain knowledge of love
With just letting the seconds waste away
As passionate thoughts float through your head
What it’s like to really be happy
Because people worth liking
Will give out their true smile
And it’ll stick with you
Through thin times
And how to not lose sight of what is important
By bringing what you need
And what’s destined to be
Without leading you the wrong way
Time opened my eyes
I saw so many thing that were blurred
I could pick out things with true grace
From anything set forth
So now it’s your turn
To go about times natural beauty
And learn from it

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