The Scattered Mist

October 27, 2009
By rajagupta1 BRONZE, Troy, Ohio
rajagupta1 BRONZE, Troy, Ohio
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Mist is scattered in the air
Lurking into nature’s lair,
Lone behold the ignorant glass
Who stands alone in a losing battle.
Mist, allies of the sun and humidity
But enemies of rain and its acidity,
Fuses together to form a front
Oppressing even air to its moistness.
She never forgets her early formation
From the wave’s sacrifice and innovation,
And she pauses a moment to thank
The magnificent wave’s contribution.
She cherishes her life to full extent
Not spending one moment to resent,
For this time may never arrive again
Spending each minute in tranquility.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by a photo which captured an absolute beautful scene of waves and mist over a beach. I hope people can relate to this poem by exploring a different aspect of nature. Nature is here for us to venture into it and learn about its mystic and pure qualities. This really ties down to a more transcedental perspective and the idea of the over-soul and how nature itself can be represented purely.

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